Why Choose YSD?

Why Choose YSD?

1. Experienced Company: 
YSD is a leading manufacturer in the sheet metal forming machine industry in China. Established in 1958, this state-owned company now has a staff of 1822 people, including 236 technicians. We started cooperation with LVD, Belgium in 1981 and since 2008, LVD has been one of the main share holders of YSD.
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electricity
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Steel

2. Product range 
(1) For hydraulic press brake (CNC, NC, conventional), pressing force ranges from 40 tons to 6500 tons. Bending length for single machine is from 1250 mm to 13800 mm.
HPF6500/138 (6500Ton, 13800mm bending length) is the biggest press brake ever made in the world.
(2) For hydraulic shears (CNC, NC, conventional), cutting length ranges from 2000 mm to 16000 mm. Shearing thickness is from 4 mm to 40 mm. YSD has made the biggest shearing machine in the size of 13 mm × 16000 mm in the world. 
(3) For cut to length line, cutting thickness ranges from 3 mm to 25 mm, the maximum coil weight is 32 tons, and the maximum width 2250 mm. 
(4) YSD also produces turret punch, laser cutting machine, power press, hydraulic press, fine blanking press, ironworker, notching machine, ship frame bender, press brake tooling as well as shear blades.
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electricity
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Steel

3. Technology:
(1) In our factory, there is a national research sub-center for bending and cutting machines.
(2) CAD/CAE/CAM/CAPP has been applied in designing and manufacturing new products by using EDS-UG software from USA. 
(3) YSD metal forming machines are produced under technology license from LVD, Belgium. In 1981, we imported machine tool technology from LVD, Belgium. In 1989, our company started cooperative production with LVD. In 1997, YSD introduced CNC technology from LVD. In 2008, the two companies established a joint venture company. High productivity and quality are ensured by LVD advanced equipment, experienced technicians and workers as well as scientific management system.
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electricity
  • Wind Power Generation
  • Steel

4. Certificate & Honors 
(1) YSD bending and cutting machines conform to the standards certification such as ISO9001, CE, CSA, HPS, DHC, etc, so as to ensure high quality. CE Norm machines are for Europe market and CSA Norm machines for North America market.
(2) YSD metal forming machines are appointed as CHINA TOP BRAND by China government.
(3) CNC pipe forming machine (PPF 6500/135) was awarded as "First Prize in China Machinery Industry Scientific and Technological Progress" in 2008.
(4) The company ranked among the TOP 10 export enterprises in 2011. 
(5) YSD press brake is the only brand which is awarded as the Gold Brand by Chinese Industrial Ministry.
(6) YSD already holds six national patents for practical technology.

5. Market shares: 
(1) More than 21,000 sets of metal forming machines have been sold for customers in all kinds of industry throughout the world. During the past decades, YSD has been the biggest exporter for bending and cutting machines among all Chinese manufacturers. 
(2) YSD is no doubt a leader in the metal forming machine industry in China, holding 80% market share.
(3) With sales agents or branches in over 72 countries, more than 1800 sets of bending and cutting machines are installed all over the world every year.
(4) Due to our high-quality products and considerate after-sale service, 85% customers choose YSD products, although there are more than 200 pole producer in the lighting pole/electricity pole/steel tower industry.

6. Warranty period 
(1) For the main frame and cylinder of the machine, warranty period is 5 years. 
(2) For all the components, warranty period is 12 months upon shipment.

7. High quality dispositions 
Key components for our products are all made by worldwide famous suppliers, such as REXROTH and FANUC, so that product quality could be guaranteed.
8. High productivity
YSD is one of the largest manufacturers in the world today and has a modern plant. Advanced equipment and scientific management system assure high productivity and delivery on time.

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Time of issue:2019-05-28 00:00:00